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When searching, add the term is:question or is:answer (or the shorthand is:q or is:a) to search only for one of the other. You can read about other useful search operators on the appropriate Help page.


You can't do this - the site is not a popularity contest, it's a place for getting questions answered. You can however, check out the greatest hits page, which shows the most popular (by a metric a little more complex than just pageviews) questions over the whole site's history.


I find that googling for "@wipqozn's socks" is a reliable way to get to The Bridge's transcript. From there you're just one click away from active chat!


You can use this jsfiddle to use the StackExchange API to find questions that only have one tag. Specify the tag at the top of the script in var tag = 'taghere'. Alternatively, use the Data Explorer.


I found by luck a similar post on the Meta StackOverFlow network. There is an interesting answer: I dont think this is mysterious at all. If you consider the search "Finding the next sibling that matches a query" then the first hit contains all the search phrase words in the body. If you perform the same search in "Ask Question", the result is those ...


Yep, I was right. Wildcarding tags returns a maximum of 20 tags Searching for [*tag*] is the same as favouriting [*tag*], so I performed a few searches and compared the results. This is what I searched. I wasn't particularly interested in the results, just in generating the maximum amount of tags possible: [*pokemon*] [*sonic*] [*bor*] [*call*] [*sim*] [*...


Just search 'the bridge chat'. In my case, the chat room is the 1st result. Alternatively, 'the bridge stack chat' is a more surefire way to get the chat room. The problem with adding the 'arqade' keyword is, Google will search the content on the Arqade sites (main & meta) instead of returning the chat room directly. Note: this is done with Google ...


status-declined The mobile version of the site is now considered deprecated, and is in the process of being replaced with the main version of the site (utilising responsive design principles to provide a decent experience on mobile): Instead of maintaining both of these, we’re going to unship the mobile view and opt everyone into the responsive views by ...


terraria When the old official wiki (hosted on the Terraria Online forums) was migrated to the new official wiki site (Gamepedia), all old page links were set to redirect to the homepage of the new wiki, rather than the correct page on the new wiki. As such there are many outdated links laying around on our site which only point to the homepage of the new ...

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