The project is drawing to a close, and I am planning to take down the annotation interface this weekend. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out, and thank you for all the valuable feedback and suggestions. Hopefully the collected annotations will lead to the development of better duplicate question detection systems, especially for StackExchange.


Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We appreciate that you disagree with how many users have voted on some things. I agree that this site's quality would improve hundredfold if one person decided which answers would be upvoted and downvoted. A benevolent dictatorship, if you will. But, that's not how Stack Exchange works, now is it? You ...


Here's what you do: You downvote the post and move on. Once the post accrues enough downvotes, based on it's length and quality, it automatically gets punted into the Low Quality review queue. Once it's there, you Recommend Deletion. The biggest issue is that people don't downvote duplicate answers enough. Do that, and all this works just fine.


terraria When the old official wiki (hosted on the Terraria Online forums) was migrated to the new official wiki site (Gamepedia), all old page links were set to redirect to the homepage of the new wiki, rather than the correct page on the new wiki. As such there are many outdated links laying around on our site which only point to the homepage of the new ...

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