I'm in full support of including the photo widget here on meta, as long as screenshot-of-the-week continues to be consistent for the foreseeable future. If screenshot of the week becomes inconsistent, intermittent, or people stop participating, I'd propose that the widget eventually be removed.


Heck yeah. Anything cool like this that could drive participation on Arqade should be utilized. It's small enough that people who don't care won't be bothered, but big enough that it's noticeable and will draw attention.


This is live now: Thanks so much to the SE team!


Update: Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We addressed this as part of bug duty this week. The change isn't retroactive, but the next time the screenshot of the week is updated, it'll link to its full version. Based on our current roadmap, this isn't work that we will take on, as it doesn't coincide with functional areas that we plan to improve in the near ...


Yes, it should be added. Why Arqade users could benefit. It would give users interesting content to see on a regular basis, even if they never click to see the rest of the week's submissions. The effect would be similar to the Hot Network Questions. For askers, it would offer a channel of participation while their current questions wait to receive an ...


Seeing as this has been brought up for the 3rd time now, I'm promoting my comment into a full answer, hopefully making it clear just how trivial a fix this is: Here's the current code for the entire Screenshot widget (grabbed from the page): <div class="s-sidebarwidget mb16 photo-of-the-week"> <div class="s-sidebarwidget--header&...


I'm not really sure how screenshots look in that box. Does the box keep the original aspect ratio and just scaled down or will the image be trimmed to fit? I'm in favor of that widget, if it doesn't destroy the original look of the screenshots. Having more attention on the contest is great.


I hadn't realized that they reworked the photo of the week display over at photo.SE. My initial reluctance to having this feature was that it wouldn't have been quick and easy to add it here, but the new implementation at least looks like it should just slot into the sidebar. So having said that, I don't have any real concerns about adding that here.


Until this is fixed, another workaround which I'm using myself is to right click the image, and choosing "Open image in new tab": (or its equivalent in your browser, below is for Chrome) This will open the full size image in a new browser tab.


The thing is, the photo widget is only designed so that the photo, its title, and user profile can be changed on the fly. The header and 2 links are not meant to be changed frequently. Short term solution If the image title does not specify the game name, specify it instead. For your example, the title that should have been there would be: Rust: "In a ...


I'm supporting this idea, but I also think it's boring to see the same screenshot for weeks. How about using all submissions (either randomly, or in round-robin fashion) in this widget instead of the latest winner? And instead of "Screenshot of the Week" title we could have "#X in Wildlife Screenshot Contest", where X is the place that screenshot has in ...

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