Just like link-only answers, the answer should be able to stand on its own feet even if the video becomes deleted/private/unavailable in your region/gets taken down or if youtube embedding doesn't work.


To demonstrate this, I inspected the source to get the hex codes for the colors. The visited link is #114475, and the plain text is #3b4045. If you run a contrast on these two colors you get a contrast difference of 1.05:1, which would fail WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA requirements if they were foreground and background colors for both normal and large text. WCAG 2.0 ...


If the answer is based off the information in the link and that link is no longer valid, the correct thing to do is downvote the current answer (unhelpful now) and submit a new answer with valid information that is relevant today. In this case, that entire answer is based off of that link being the source of servers. Since it's no longer true, that answer ...


Comments can be 600 characters long (I assume this is the database column size), and the text is stored in Markdown format (which gets rendered on page load) - here's a SE Data Explorer query that shows the raw markdown. It'd be technically possible to change how this works (SE could have a DB column size larger than the allowed character size, using the ...


This is intended to bring the user to the most recent activity of a post, yes. It is not a bug.


Update (Aug 2020): Given the recent addition of status-completed by a Stack Exchange Staff member - I guess SE considers the following change to be the official solution to this issue: With the rollout of the new Stack Exchange Network-wide themes, hyperlinks now appear with underlines, making the links more visually distinctive: Screenshot from How to ...


You have to put the links inline instead of using the [link][1] markdown, like so: Visit [Google](http://www.google.com) for all your searching needs! Which results in this: Visit Google for all your searching needs!


I declined that flag. It had been flagged as, "No longer needed." By itself, I didn't see anything wrong with it; it looked like a link to additional information, just like the comments around it. There wasn't anything specific to single that one out. Now that you've told us the link is dead, I've deleted it. For the most part, we're not going to be ...


Typically, we would update links that provide the helpful supplementary information. However, in this case, the entirety of the answer is a link, which means that without the link, it no longer meets the requirements to hold water as an answer, and should be removed. The course of action in this specific case would be to flag the post as a non-answer, and ...


To directly answer your question: No, duplicate links are generated to point to the question as a whole, and the best we could do is point it at the full-answer, not subsection or headers of it. However, We're actually in the process of trying to move away from having that one giant Q&A to a bunch of smaller, problem-specific questions and answers to ...


I pushed a fix for this. Change will be on live after our next production build.


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