Very annoying, but when you hover over a badge on Gaming.SE, the hover state adds an extra pixel on the bottom which creates a white line between the edge of the badge box and the box shadow below it.

Exhibit A: The offense in action.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B: The offending CSS code.

.badge { padding: 4px 8px 3px 2px; }

Exhibit C: The fixed CSS code that looks so much nicer because there's not an annoying white line.

.badge { padding: 3px 8px 3px 2px; }

Oh the humanity! How could one number cause such an outrage!?
Decrement it and let justice prevail!

Just for giggles.

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There is no longer a box shadow/background on hover, so this is no longer an issue:

Autobiographer badge with no hover background

This was likely fixed as part of the Stack Exchange site redesign in 2018, of which Arqade's update was discussed here.

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