This is probably just a little CSS spacing issue, but with the recent redesigned site theme, there is a little extra ugliness around the user card. The numbers next to the badge icons bump right up against the icons. (Some numbers like 2, 3, and 5 are worse than others. Other numbers might be less noticeable.)

Screenshot below. Notice how the "5" bumps right into the gold badge, and the "2" touches the silver badge both above and below.

enter image description here

(The meta site does not exhibit this problem.)

Interesting. It does seem CSS related. In Chrome I inspected it and changed the padding just by a few pixels and it looks better.

Current (0px):


Modified (3px):


Perhaps this class was changed to 0px by mistake?


Since you said that the Meta site does not exhibit this problem, I decided to compare the two sites and found that the .badge1 CSS class is different between the two:

The left side is the meta sites CSS, and the right side is the main sites:

badge classes

The difference is the X value for the background-position property. That 2px difference is what is causing the numbers to press up against the badge. So actually, its the badges class that is causing this, not the badge count's class. I found that there is a 2px difference for each of the 3 badges between the two sites. The picture above was just for the gold badge icon. Each badge icon has its own class (badge1 = gold, badge2 = silver, badge3 = bronze).

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