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User -1, or 'Community' represents the automated scripts and tasks that run in the background on Arqade. Use this tag for questions regarding the community user's automated processes.

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Why is the community bot closing questions?

Why? I couldn't find anything, I'm just wondering? Does the bot deem that the wording is too similar or something?
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Active Questions and Late Answers

I was browsing Arqade today and saw this question, What are the differences between the Wii and Xbox One/PS4/Switch versions of Just Dance Games?, became active today (1/31/21). I am curious why it is ...
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What's the deal with Community bumping obsolete questions? Necromancer bot?

I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page, and what do I find? Minecraft 1.9 freezes if I click on things too quickly Asked shortly after the 1.9 release in 2016. The problem in ...
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Why did so many questions I've answered get bumped to the Arqade homepage recently?

Over the course of the weekend five questions I've answered were bumped to the homepage of Arqade. Before this no questions I've asked or answered have been bumped by Community before (to my knowledge)...
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7 votes
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How can the Community user bot edit questions?

It seems like the Community user that's supposed to be "a background process to keep this site clean", somehow figured out that an answer contained an unformatted quote and formatted it. Is it ...
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What does it mean when Community is shown as the last activity on a question?

I noticed Community showing up as the last activity on a few questions, but didn't appear there were any edits or Community wiki or any recent activity. Is there just cleanup going on with it, or ...
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