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Active Questions and Late Answers

I was browsing Arqade today and saw this question, What are the differences between the Wii and Xbox One/PS4/Switch versions of Just Dance Games?, became active today (1/31/21). I am curious why it is ...
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Consider version context of old questions related to evolving games?

Some games enjoy a lively audience and a dedicated development team and so evolve over a period of years. Arqade has been around long enough to have questions that were asked at a time when a ...
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How to get an up to date answer for old questions with obsolete answers?

Explanation whether duplicate or not --> see end of post. Imagine you have a question about a game. You first search for it and find it answered a long time ago. Back then the answer was correct, but ...
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How should we respond to an edit that removes the old 'Possible Duplicate' markdown?

I just made an edit to this question, and then noticed that it was marked as a duplicate . I couldn't however, see the duplicate notification at the top of the question. Diving in to the revision ...
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