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Minecraft crash questions should be made off-topic: yes/no?

I'm tired of seeing terrible Minecraft crash log questions. I'm tired of closing them. I'm tired of posting comments asking for a shred of useful material. Tired of seeing the same errors repeatedly. ...
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What to do with Pokémon Go questions where askers mistake us for Niantic support?

With the Pokémon hype, we're seeing a lot of new users finding their way to our Q&A site. Unfortunately, this means a lot of low level questions: Duplications Error related questions (i.e. ...
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Why just ban Minecraft modding tech support?

As we are making the Minecraft mod technical questions ban super-duper official with a close-reason and everything, I feel that this question remains in dire need of a satisfactory answer: Why just ...
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What should an Off Topic Close Reason for Minecraft Crash Dumps look like?

So, we've seemingly come to a conclusion that Minecraft tech support/crash dumps are a thing we don't like and don't want to tangle with. People are starting to close these with custom reasons, and it ...
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Should "how do I attack this base?" questions be considered off-topic?

Certain types of games, such as Clash of Clans, seem to attract quite a few questions asking how to attack a specific player's base. These questions are usually titled "How do I attack this base?" (or ...
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How do I ask a good Minecraft Bug/Crash question?

I have seen my/other questions reporting bugs in Minecraft get downvoted and/or closed. what can I do/be aware of in order to prevent more questions being downvoted/closed?
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Should we replace one of our close reasons with modded Minecraft tech support?

The idea of a close reason specifically for modded Minecraft tech support has come up time and time and time again. Since we have recently revisited the wording for off-topic Minecraft questions, now ...
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Modded Minecraft Close Reason - Let's Review

Well everyone, it's been over 3 months (closer to 5!) since we implemented the Minecraft close reason, and we have some fresh statistics to review. First up, here's the previous discussion in case you ...
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Does this diagnose-this-crash question remind anyone else of identify-this-game?

First, let me say that I do not invoke ITG lightly. It seems to me that of the many discussions which arose regarding identify-this-game questions, one of the central issues was "Without ...
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Let's address the Donphan in the room- should Pokemon Go tech support be off topic?

For context and precendent: Minecraft crash questions should be made off-topic: yes/no? In fact, I might as well copy paste it and make a few changes. I'm tired of seeing terrible "Pokemon GO won't ...
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