In a recent answer to another one of my Arqade Meta questions, the answerer mentioned that I should create a tag if I find myself asking a question about a game that doesn't already have its own tag.

Is this good advice? In other words, are there any cases where a game does not deserve its own tag? For example, someone might claim that the game is too old, obscure, unpopular, etc., and the tag space should be kept clean for frequently-asked-about games.

Another way to ask the question is whether the very fact that a non-closable question has been asked about a game is "enough" to go ahead and create a tag or if more is required before the game gets its own tag.

Alternatively, are there any cases where a game tag should be burninated on the grounds of obscurity, age, etc.? For example, "Hey, we don't really need a Cometblaster 9000 tag. The game was only officially released in Uzbekistan and went completely out of print after 1993. It's so unpopular that there is only one question about it on our site. Let's burninate it with our Turbo Phazors and retag the question with ."

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    I believe we have tag trimming disabled for this exact reason. It doesn't matter if a tag has a single question in it as long as that tag is descriptive. – MBraedley Jun 9 at 19:07
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    The only thing tag space "cleanliness" really matters for is name collisions, and that happens the most with popular games, because those are the ones that get remade or rebooted. Infrequently-used tags don't meaningfully impact other tags. – murgatroid99 Jun 9 at 19:40

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