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Tapatalk attempts to open gaming.stackechange on android

I was Googling on my S7 for the best way to level conjuration in Skyrim, and wanted to open the gaming.stackexchange result. However, when I clicked on the link, Tapatalk opened instead of my browser, ...
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Cannot search Arqade mobile site from Nintendo 3DS

I was playing a game on my 3DS and wanted to get an answer about it, so I figured I'd use the 3DS's web browser to access Arqade. Overall the mobile site works quite well on the 3DS (though it is not ...
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Make this site Wii-browseable

Wikipedia, when browsed via the Wii's Internet Channel, has a nice large font view. I'd like to be able to browse Gaming.SE from a Wii in a similar fashion, too. Currently I can't even search ...
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