What happens in my Questions feed if a question appears that has tags in my Favourite Tags list and my Ignored tags list? Which one will supersede the other?

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This Happens:

Fave + Ignore

I have ignored and as a favorite for the purposes of this example. As you can see, the question "What kind of Companies sponsor pro teams?" is faded out, but also has the blue hilight of a 'favorite' tagged question.

If you set the preference to hide ignored tags to on, than the question will be hidden, regardless of whether it also has a Favorite Tag associated with it.


Since the parser simply acts to highlight questions that are in your Favorites tag and removes questions in your Ignored tags list, I have to assume that logically the Ignored list will take precedence. Pretty easy to test, though?

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    Ignored questions aren't actually removed by default, but if you enable that option, yes, that's what happens.
    – a cat
    Mar 28, 2012 at 13:24

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