This question was self-answered once the OP figured out what the problem was, however, the solution was pretty much "oh, whoops, I just mucked it up".

made it work, it turns out my controller pressed maybe both up and left when i pressed up, which made the code not work but i've found a way!

While yes, it answers the question, specifically the OP's problem, it's a terrible answer. What should we do with it?

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Downvote the answer and move on.

It's a bad answer, and the question isn't great, (I downvoted it. Whether you do so is on you.) but it does have a good answer that Makes The Internet Better. So upvote the good answer, downvote the bad answer, and don't worry about it beyond that.

  • Good Answers - making the Internet a better place since 2008
    – Ben
    Feb 15, 2015 at 22:23

If it answers the questions, but you think it's a terrible answer, then just downvote it. Downvoting is the proper course to take when dealing with low-quality answers.

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