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Introducing Arqade!
59 votes

I'm here since Gaming.SE beta and I will sincerely miss the pixelated heart. But I understand that is time to move on and together with the launch of new name a new logo and design is welcome. Jin's ...

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Community Promotional Grant Movement - Closed Beta System
6 votes

Dota 2 The hype for this game is huge mainly because the development is lead by IceFrog, one of the developers of DotA, and produced by VALVe. The beta is actually closed but Gabe Newell confirmed ...

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Appeal and discussion for "How Can We Get More Players on Our Server?"
5 votes

I repeatedly vote to close this question because I think that marketing and promotion should be not discussed on Gaming SE, even if the topic is a game website or a game server. I think that majority ...

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Gaming Questions of the Week #2
4 votes

I suggest to take into account the game/tag popularity/trend so Minecraft question was a good choice last week IMHO. This week I suggest to go with Starcraft one. Even if personally I don't play ...

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Gaming Questions of the Week #7
Accepted answer
3 votes

Next week will be probably dominated by The-Witcher-2, but this week it seems that What is a "pixel shader"? got a tons of votes and good answers too. Or maybe Is Megaman left or right handed?

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