James Of Da Peach


Ok, got your attention. :)

I am a command & command block genius in Minecraft, but honestly not the BEST redstoner.

I own a server called the TisaFreak server (IP: tisafreaks.mcpro.co). I am part of the MineFreaks crew.

My OCD hates it that some reputation actions change it in intervals other than 5. It sucks to have a reputation of 641. :)

I care less about my badge counts, and more about my profile views. The fact that you're seeing this means +1 for me! If you want to make my day, just reload a lot! :P

I wish emoticons were more fully appreciated here, they help to express emotions! (their point). Then again, "It's a Q&A site, not a forum." XD XD XD But I can make my About Me anything I want, without worrying about edits! Speaking of which, it bugs me when others have about-me's with incorrect grammar... shiver

I have a strange fear of writing with pencils, chalk, and crayons. :-)

My favorite character is ♦ followed by π

Contact me at james.and.tisa@gmail.com


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