I am a Software Engineer, Gamer, Philosopher and Musician.

Developer: I mainly work with C#, SQL, Java, SASS/CSS, JS, Angular and HTML, but I often work with many other technologies. I have a fair amount of years under my belt and have hands-on experience with various types of environments and systems from starting brand new ventures to decades-old legacy telecoms systems.

Gamer: I love a good competitive title, and have had many days on Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft respectively, but I also enjoy social and casual titles like Diablo, Destiny 2, Borderlands, etc. These change from time to time, so not much value in listing any titles other than the few above.

Musician: I would not want restrict myself to one single genre ever, so cannot highlight a specific one here, but in terms of instruments I play: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Recorder and a few others.

I hope to learn a lot from this site, as well as contribute to the knowledge of others.

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