To be honest, I don’t really like this site; it is probably the least inviting and welcoming of the SE sites. It feels like only questions about the latest games are welcome, so I, like some people, almost feel afraid to ask anything here anymore for fear of being rebuffed, down-voted, and closed, which makes it not very helpful and of little use to anyone who doesn’t have/want/can’t afford the latest games.

I’ve never been able to afford keeping up with all the games, either with time or money, so I’m always quite a bit (ie a decade or so) behind. However I try to play through everything I can at least once (depending on how much I like the game).

I’m trying to get through the stable-games (the main, franchise, non-sports games) for each platform including PC, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and PlayStation, excluding the latest (and in some cases, the last two) console releases.

I’m also attempting to collect all of the consoles and games, but not ridiculously expensive pristine, collector’s versions (I actually play the dang games!)