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12 votes

Should hat dash continue after christmas?

9 votes

Rumor-debunking questions

8 votes

Let's talk about [Mods]

7 votes

An End to Endings

5 votes

Community Wiki Review - Reverting Some Of Our Old Answers

4 votes

Why is our conversion rate so low?

3 votes

How do I get a question re-opened?

2 votes

How can I view the top 20 answerers for a tag?

2 votes

Are you going to PAX Prime Aug. 26-28th?

1 vote

Gaming Questions of the Week #8

0 votes

Basic User Poll of Upcoming Game Interests - Iteration the First

0 votes

Using the site to create "game guides" and "trophy guides"?

0 votes

How should we approach recommendation questions containing real technical problems?

0 votes

My Gaming open id is not being associated with my other stackexchange accounts, is this expected?

-1 votes

Questions about after the game ends... but *NOT* about what to play next!

-2 votes

What is the dividing line between gamer problems that we do and do not cater to?

-3 votes

How should we tag "The Wonderful End of the World"?

-4 votes

League of Legends Question Quality & Contest