Hello, my name is Darren. I am an avid Minecraft player playing on MCJE and MCBE. I like playing with commands and creating redstone contraptions.

I will be happy to help you answer all your commands-related questions, or to provide helpful tips and tricks about your own commands.

Arqade Tips

Here are some of my tips while on Arqade, geared to more experienced users.

  • Edit more often. Editing really should happen more often, but doesn't. Many have simply downvoted posts that should be edited. This is wrong. If you encounter a sub-par post, the first thing you should do is edit it, or suggest an edit. Please don't vote based on English.
  • Review reopen votes very carefully. If you have 3000 reputation or more, you are eligible to review questions that have potential to be reopened. This is the review queue where not rushing is the most important rule! Take your time on each post, and click into the full post on every review item. Even if the revision display only shows minor revisions, do not select "Leave Closed" just for that! The question may have been closed for the wrong reason.

List of communities I participate in

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Wiki: A fully editable wiki on the video game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. I'm actually the administrator of that site. Come and say hello!
  • GitHub: A platform for people to contribute code and software development files to the cloud. I post random stuff and data packs if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Arqade: This site, a community-based knowledge base where anyone can contribute their questions about video games. Part of the StackExchange network, this site is reliable due to its higher standards and tougher moderation practices. Ask a question I can answer, and I'll jump at the opportunity.
  • Minecraft Feedback: The official feedback website for Minecraft, wherein the system sends 98% of its posts to the moderation team. I join there with my Xbox gamertag, ExpertCoder2306. Also, I've figured out how to hack forbidden formatting styles into my posts.
  • Minecraft Forum: The official community forums for Minecraft.
  • Planet Minecraft: A community of Minecraft enthusiasts where they can publish builds, data packs, blogs, and more!
  • Discord: If you want to contact me through Discord, please contact me through one of the servers I participate in. The current list is:
  • Reddit: A wide network of web content and discussion forums. I'm mostly active on r/MinecraftCommands, but I may visit other places as well.
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