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I am a high school student in Iowa, and have always loved video games, and if all goes well I will one day make video games professionally. My favorite 3 videos games of all time are little big planet, super smash bros, and sid meier's civilization. I grew up on Little Big Planet 2 and Super Smash Bros Brawl, and now I play Civilization V frequently (I occasionally play IV as well but I don't like VI), and also love Super Smash Bros ultimate. I occasionally play Little Big Planet 3 but its just not the same as LBP2 was back in the day. Hopefully dreams will be a worthy spiritual successor to LBP2. Other games that I have played much of include Minecraft, MLB the show, Madden, Call Of Duty World at War/Black ops (and now BO4), Kotor 1 and 2, and many many others. I just love video games

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