• M.Comp (Computer Science), B.Eng (Electrical) [Honors]
  • Software Developer working with Java and NodeJS in Big Data Analytics

In grade school, I wrote web tutorials on fish-keeping, and coded 2D arcade games in Flash ActionScript. Later on in college and university, I produced digital comics and illustrations, and hosted basic 3D workshops. For a brief while, I played in a school band as well!

During my Bachelor of Engineering(Electrical)(Honors), I interned at a multinational software company, and decided I wanted to enter the software and computing industry. After graduation, I specialised in scientific computing & software engineering, before going for my Masters of Computing.

Now, I focus on software engineering, natural language processing, big data architecture, and building full-stack web-apps.

Language Repertoire:

  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • ES2017/TypeScript/NodeJS
  • SQL


  • ElasticSearch Stack
  • HDFS
  • Apache Tika
  • Apache Kafka
  • Bootstrap

My interests include:

  • Guitar (Classical, Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Metal, AniSong, MandoPop)
  • Bass
  • Freshwater Fishkeeping
  • Software Engineering, Web Stack, Automation
  • Gaming
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction Reading
  • Finance & Investment

I'm proficient in English and Mandarin, with minimal reading proficiency in Japanese.