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The PS4 screenshots are over 2MB in size. What is the best way to upload them on Arqade?
Accepted answer
12 votes

Honestly, screenshots like that full of photorealistic 3D scenery should be JPEG, unless you absolutely need to preserve every single pixel 100% accurately. (If you do need 100% pixel accuracy in a ...

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Hovering over the community links changes the header height
0 votes

It appears that the CSS rule used to reset the link hover styles for the top bar doesn't work fully here on Arqade, due to the unusual CSS here. Currently, this reset rule simply reads: .topbar-...

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Do we close plot-explanation questions if the answer is 'there is no explanation'?
3 votes

I just happened across this meta question in the sidebar, and I freely admit that I haven't followed all the past debates on lore questions in detail. With that disclaimer, let me offer my modest ...

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