I say let's opt-in. Hats are fun.


Individuals can opt-out if they hate hats, so there's no reason to opt-out as a community.


I say opt-in nothing would look better than Hatsune Miku wearing a Fedora :D


Last year's hats have vanished. This year's Winter Bash is a different event with new hats.


Winterbash is scheduled to start on December 19th 332,000 seconds = ~92hrs = 3.8 days (from time of posting: Dec 15th)



Winter Bash ran until the 5th, and then, as the site, they were put back in their boxes. Not sure what sort of notice you expected, but they were meant to be a limited time thing, and thus are no more.


You can't know! If you do manage to work it out though, there could be more secret hats in it for you... All secret hat secrets will become unsecret after winterbash. Some secret hats have been desecreted here too.


From an answer to the same question on Meta.SO: The Johnny Three-hats hat is earned by (spoiler below)


Leaderboards are heavily cached - they'll update eventually. The correct hat count is visible on your profile page (which will show your overall hat count across all sites, rather than the individual hat count for the site you're on). If you want your current per site hat count, the leaderboards are your only option (without manually clicking on each hat to ...

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