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7 votes

Why are tags on Arqade now bold black and grey, instead of the light blue we always had? It looks awful in my opinion

This isn't specific to Arqade, it's a Stack Exchange-wide change: All tag labels suddenly appear in bold font We don't have direct control over this. I have not seen any Stack Exchange staff input on ...
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3 votes

What happened to the alien-space-ship button?

Designs across the network have been receiving updates in order to be more uniform. Non-functional design elements are only in the header and footer. Arqade is still one of the more design heavy ...
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2 votes

How am I supposed to know that this post is locked when there is no mention of it anywhere?

After reading over the question several time, I finally noticed the top box says that the question is no longer accepting interactions. Apparently this is the new wording for saying that a question ...
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2 votes

Move the "hide ignored tags" option to the main page

status-completed This is definitely now a thing. Click on the Ignored Tags box: and you're presented with this:
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