Those questions should stay deleted. We keep questions for an unplayable game, on the off chance that perhaps at some point it may become playable again, and those questions might be useful. But I don't think there's value in keeping questions asking about a defunct mechanic. It'll just lead to confusion when anyone encounters those questions. The ...


I agree this post is useful and so I've gone ahead and undeleted it. In general if a question has merit and gets a helpful answer then the OP shouldn't be deleting it unless they have a very good reason (a single downvote doesn't qualify). The system would normally prevent this, but since the OP deleted their question so quickly after your answer it never ...


I've gone ahead and cast the deciding undelete vote, since this was just Community cleaning up a question with no activity for a year. In the future, a custom moderator flag would also bring this kind of situation to our attention.


So, as has already been pointed out, Community automatically deletes old posts with a low score and no activity. The deletion has been reversed, however I doubt your question is going to get an answer, since illyriad doesn't appear to be all that popular on the site, and your question is four years old. There a few things you can do to try and get an answer ...


I've gone ahead and undeleted this. In the future I'd suggest just using a moderator flag instead.

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