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A bug in calculating the Announcer, Booster, and Publicist badges for answers was fixed. This main meta post has the details.


You need to scroll to the bottom of the page and press the appropriate button to save any changes to your profile.


After reading over the question several time, I finally noticed the top box says that the question is no longer accepting interactions. Apparently this is the new wording for saying that a question is locked, though I find it much less obvious than it was prior.


The site switcher has moved to the top-right of the page, you can use this to switch between sites: Alternatively, the help button has a link as well:


If you think it's unlikely that other community members will see it and vote as duplicate, you can use the 'custom' flag feature to alert the mod team. In the text box, explain the situation (that you accidentally retracted the flag but still think it's a duplicate) and we'll look at it. In regards to your example - the question OP appears to be using a ...


That last question of yours at -5? That wasn't a year ago. It was last month. You can see it here. Not even mods are privy to how the rate limiters work. Nor can we lift them; it's meant to slow down low quality posts, so users don't run headlong into the real blocker: the question ban. That ensures you only get to ask one question every six months. ...


Sure, renamed. I originally created some synonyms back in June, and I just based the main tag off the marketing material at the time.


When you are unable to ask questions, the notification has a link for you to follow, to understand what is happening. The basic answer is that you have a history of low quality questions, and the system doesn't think your next one will be much better. One important point is that it's not a single question that does it, but a history of low quality ...

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