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Game identification questions are only allowed when you have a screenshot, video, or anything beyond a description. The wording "This tag is only for identifying games in movies, pictures, videos, advertisements or otherwise where an unknown game appears" doesn't make that clear, so I've changed the tag excerpt to: Only ask if you have a ...


I didn't see it mentioned in the other answer, so I figure I would also mention that the Review Queues dropdown also has a "tools" link that'll take you to the 10k tools. Here's a screenshot with the related link circled (freehand and in red, of course):


That indicates the amount of reputation you've gained since you last checked your profile. Your current rep is 85, but it has recently increased by 20.


Quickly glancing at your profile on StackExchange shows you have 11 reputation, not 15. If you had 15 rep at one point you may have needed to wait a day for the StackExchange server to register the change and lift the restriction.


Yes. Identification questions are not on topic here because they "don't fit the Q&A format" but are on topic on several other sites because they fit the Q&A format there. Sci Fi & Fantasy frequently answer identification questions purely from description. While they focus on books and film, they have no policy forbidding asking about ...

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