The key here is to acknowledge the difference between "expert knowledge" and "incidental knowledge". "Expert knowledge", here on Arqade, is about playing video games. It's primarily about the actual gameplay but also deals with some things like getting things to run or terminology of the system. Point is, what we deal with is primarily as people who are ...


No. Those types of questions have no definitive answer whatsoever. The best that we can do is guess as to why it became popular. Since it inherently garners speculation, those types of questions are off-topic.


It isn't mildly subjective, it's very subjective. The answers not coming to much agreement is an indicator of that. What does "hardest" mean? Time consuming? Risk of death? Something else? Does a beacon count separately from an activated beacon? If so, do the blocks under the beacon matter? It is under-specified and doesn't have a "...

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