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status-completed This has been fixed: This Meta SE post covers the bug in more detail.


status-completed This bug (as described by @MichalPerlakowski) was fixed as of October 2020: A fix for this is now in place: When you click "edit" on the question, a check is now made to see if a suggested edit is in place. If there is a pending suggested edit for review, you will either load the inline suggested review modal (in the case of an ...


status-completed This appears to have been fixed as part of the Stack Exchange unified site design / theming rollout.


Done! updating post history, 11 rows affected (pipe delimited) updating posts, 9 rows affected (pipe delimited) Target tag 'minecraft-yogscast-complete-pack' doesn't exist, renaming 'yogscast-complete-pack' to 'minecraft-yogscast-complete-pack' rename result: 1 rows affected tag remapping of [minecraft-yogscast-complete-pack] and [yogscast-complete-pack] ...

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