status-completed as of 7th Dec, 2020. Announced on Meta Stack Exchange. Markdown support for tables I'd personally like to see a neater way of handling tables. Our current workaround is to use <pre> tags* to render the table in the preformatted format (example). Some sites have access to the MathJax extension, and can use it's table formatting. Here's ...


status-completed - The Photo widget is now live on Arqade Photo widget From the thread: Do we want to enable the photo widget for our site? Advantages (partially and shamelessly taken from that thread): It adds visual interest to the main page. It adds a sense of community to the website as well as the network. It will add an increase participation in the ...


Update: This has been marked status-completed by a CM - likely following the (re)addition of underlines to link text Visited hyperlinks are hard to distinguish against plain text Accessibility bugs are important, plus this one is (as far as I am aware) site specific unlike some of the others.


You can use the site switcher on the top-right of the page to switch between sites: Alternatively, the help button has a link as well:


Arqade is part of the network, a collection of Q&A sites. The most popular is StackOverflow. There is indeed a site dedicated to LEGOs on the network. http://bricks.stackexchange.com


Yes, swag is coming back (see Swag is coming back! on Meta Stack Exchange) but it will not feature special Arqade items. This is asked for in this post by user @Mithical: Are there any per-site swag items (such as t-shirts), or just network and SO? The response by @Catija, one of the Stack Exchange Community Managers: At this point in time, it's just ...


Update: This is now status-completed! Arqade Meta should say 'Meta' in the header Community member Joachim has stepped up and done an excellent job with the design already, so this should be an easy one to knock off.


Arqade is part of the StackExchange network, which houses tens of similar websites on similar topics. You probably saw Electrical Engineering. You are probably looking for LEGO Answers. If you are interested in checking all StackExchange websites, you can see them all here. Please keep in mind them their rules for asking/answering might be different, so ...


You shouldn't ask for game tutorials, either here or on SuperUser, It's off-topic on both sites. On SuperUser, anything videogame-related is off-topic. You can see what is and isn't on topic there by viewing the SuperUser About page. As for Arqade, tutorial requests generally fall into a few of our off-topic reasons (emphasis mine): Requests for game ...


Presumably, based on Memor-X's comment, because you have accepted an answer. i see a non-deleted, downvoted answer which has been accepted. doesn't the accepted answer prevent deleting? From the FAQ, How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion? When can't I delete my ...


Navigate to your Profile by clicking on your picture on the top bar, then click on 'Edit Profile & Settings'. Or, follow this link: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/users/edit/current


Ask Ubuntu has its own URL primarily because it's the main source of community support for the Ubuntu operating system. That makes it one of the few sites to have its own URL, other than the 'trilogy' (the first three sites, Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Super User), MathOverflow (which has a special relation with the Stack Exchange network) and Stack ...


We definitely frown on cross-posting the same question on multiple sites. In almost all cases, the question only really belongs one one of the sites. If you think your question is on the wrong site, you should flag it for migration rather than cross posting. In general, though, we don't really mind cross-site duplicates. Questions that are substantially the ...

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