Arqanoids! Arqadites? Arqadians. Hello, Arqadians! Lemme address a few of the questions I see coming up here. Q: Can we do something for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm? A: Possibly! Read on. Q: How about we sponsor a team or a tournament? A: Nope! You are correct that we've done this in the past, with League of Legends and WoW Mists of Pandaria. It's ...


I'm quite surprised everyone's missed a rather big one: we changed our name! Other things that haven't been mentioned: We hosted (and continue to host) some community servers We made some industry friends We got our name out there We murdered murder And spoiler We cleaned ourself up


I have a few suggestions, which I'll list in no particular order. Lazers. Discuss some of the memes that have come and gone over the years. Discussing all of them would take up too much space, but touching on some of the major ones would be a good idea. Lazers. The events and promotions that have happened over the past year, and the growth of the site in ...


identify-this-game questions were banned from the site. Depending on your point of view, there was either much rejoicing, or it was if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Or maybe there was much rejoicing because a million voices were suddenly silenced.


I suppose it's worth mentioning the fantastic support from all the people here at Arqade during this year's Mario Marathon. We started off at #1 before the event even started. We held the number one spot for the first day (or two) of the event, and we still stayed strong at the end, finishing at number five in the Top Contributors. Also, as Wipqozn stated, ...


After receiving my email saying my ling was on the way, I realized my yellow Speedling actually already came in. Luckily it is now defending my signed collectors edition of WoL and HotS. ... Sorry I had to brag :) But I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU for such an amazing contest!


In mid January, Tristan (now known as Fluttershy) changed his gravatar to a picture of Fluttershy and Wipqozn revealed that he, too, was a brony. Within a few days, he and I (murgatroid99) followed suit with pony avatars (Applejack and Twilight Sparkle, respectively). Ashley Nunn eventually started watching and joined us with a Rainbow Dash avatar, and later ...


Shameless Self-Promotion I wrote poetry. Other Cool Stuff I Remember There was that time when there were hats for a while (Remember? That was when people got mad at you.) (actually, you know what? I'm still mad at you) :] The various game grants. The Steam Game Trading Thread. I think this was one of the cooler things we've done as a community.


And then the-stick-of-truth happened... What happens if I fart on someone's balls? Where can I find a dog to fart on? Is there any advantage in getting a nosejob? How can I beat Al Gore in a fight? Where can I find homeless people to beat up? Where can I find Jesus Christ? Is investing money at the bank just a scam? How can I make the mean goth kids talk to ...


I'm a little confused and can't find the rules for the contest again, I was a winner in two categorie s(gold league and plat league), does that mean I get a t-shirt and a plushy or ( a plushy or a t-shirt)? The form confuses me with the checkboxes instead of radio buttons, does it mean you can get as many prizes as you won categories?


I haven't actually got it yet, but there was a giveaway of Arqade swag for everyone in the first 5 pages for rep; iirc for the first time ever. The Diablo III event was the first time that all qualifying participants got a prize, and also the first time that this prize (t-shirt) had the new name & logo on it.


We quickly ravaged the Kingdoms of Amalur followed shortly after by a huge give away with the Mass Effect 3 launch. The subsequent launch of Diablo 3 meant that the front page of the site was swamped for months!! :)

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