This tag identifies a question asking for help in a retag job. For clear jobs, use [support]. For jobs that might be questionable, use [discussion]. For rename requests, use [tag-rename-request] instead.

This is a specific tag used to identify a tag that needs to be converted to a new one. Post these when you see that a tag should be reworded or merged into another tag and need help to do so. Reasons may include:

  • The job is small (less than 15-20 questions) but you do not have sufficient reputation
  • The job is too large and would result in bumping too many questions to the front page
  • The job is not a clear-cut decision and the merits of the retag should be discussed.

For undisputed retags, add . For disputable retags, add .

For proposals to have a tag renamed, use instead.

For questions about the tag system that do not relate to a retag request, use instead.