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That indicates the amount of reputation you've gained since you last checked your profile. Your current rep is 85, but it has recently increased by 20.


It actually won't show other people a rep change when you downvote. If you really sat there and did math you could get extreme reason to believe at some point they downvoted, but you don't know when or if it was actually your post (please don't, you did get one downvote on your question and maybe it was him but who cares). You also shouldn't negotiate votes, ...


I would say you are probably communicating how you feel to that user with this meta post. But whether that's a good idea is another matter. Being so defensive about down-votes can't lead anywhere good. If you do have someone on this site who is intentionally unfair to you, they can only do so much damage. It is best to just move on, the positive rep you can ...

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