Hello, welcome to Arqade and sorry that you are going through this. First of all, just saying: moderators can't unblock you. You should post well-received questions to get unblocked. The amount reportedly varies by the amount of downvotes you got. Also, your post has some problematic parts, so let me explain them: "most of your posts" is 1 post. If it ...


This is how the site is designed. Upvoting and downvoting are some of the many privileges that are unlocked that require 15 and 125 reputation respectively. Downvoting will lower users reputation, so you need to be more established in the site before unlocking this privilege.


Using the information I could gather, I found the post in the first screenshot was this one, which is your own. You can cast close votes on your own posts starting at 250 reputation (and you can delete your own posts that meet certain criteria, which is why delete is visible too). Casting close votes on other questions requires 3,000 reputation.


There can be a bit of a delay sometimes before rep propagates across the system. For example, here on Meta, you still have 11 rep right now. Give it a few minutes.


Just ask your question with the tag of the platform, and add a mention of what game you are talking about. Eventually with a mention that you couldn't make the tag. And then someone else who can create tags will edit the tag in and remove your mention about the tag not existing. We can't create a tag without a question though.


I didn't see it mentioned in the other answer, so I figure I would also mention that the Review Queues dropdown also has a "tools" link that'll take you to the 10k tools. Here's a screenshot with the related link circled (freehand and in red, of course):


Quickly glancing at your profile on StackExchange shows you have 11 reputation, not 15. If you had 15 rep at one point you may have needed to wait a day for the StackExchange server to register the change and lift the restriction.


The full list of privileges can be viewed in the help center. This page also has checkmark indicators next to each privilege you have.


Arqade, and StackExchange in general, is a site that squarely focuses on quality questions and answers. It is by definition a Q&A site. There are two main purposes for the reputation system here. Discerning quality: Good questions that show research effort get upvoted. Good answers that actually answer the question and are of good quality are also ...


Note that you intentionally cannot comment without enough reputation. This can be frustrating, because you might have the most appropriate comment to add but unable to do so. In this situation, all you can do is walk away and attempt to gain reputation. Optionally you could favourite the question (or bookmark it) for when you do have enough reputation, and ...

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