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I think most of the questions are fine and covered by existing close reasons and other moderation tools like protection for popular questions. There is one thing I'd like to enforce for pokemon-go in particular though - technical support questions from outside supported regions should be closed. The same reasons that apply to illegal/unreleased content does ...


As the editor in question: I edited the title, to clarify the distinction being made (instead of the oddly-emphasized *GIVE*). I only edited the occurrences of the word 'Pokemon' after deciding that the title could use the clarification and reformatting.


Here is a list of the most commonly repeatedly asked questions. These are almost all related to technical issues that people are having with the game. Pokemon Go login issues after update Is it possible to log back into a Pokemon Go account? Does it make a CP difference if you feed candies before or after evolving? Why are there no Pokémon near me? I can't ...


No Pokémon Go has brought a huge amount of new traffic to the site, and a lot of it is from people who don't necessarily have a grasp on how we're different to fora they may be used to. We already have adequate tools to help people get the answers they need (putting questions on hold, or marking as dupes). Yes, the load on the site's reviewers and mods has ...


I think we should add a pokemon-bank tag. There are around 10 questions now that specifically ask something about the bank, and only the bank. For example: Can a new save withdraw from the pokemon bank? Pokemon Bank Switching Gifts pokemiles or battle points What gifts can I get from the Pokemon Bank? If you delete your Nintendo Network ID, what happens ...


No, for multiple reasons. First of all, it is no secret that I am not a fan of the modded minecraft decision, because I do not believe we should feel comfortable taking categories of questions about a particular game and deciding those questions are off topic. That has been and is my position. That aside, these sorts of questions lack some of the key ...


I suggest pokemon-diamond-pearl-remakes with pokemon-brilliant-diamond and pokemon-shining-pearl as synonyms.


This addressed in this meta answer: pokemon-sixth-gen (For questions about generation 6 mechanics in general.) pokemon-xy (For questions specifically about X/Y) Synonyms: pokemon-x pokemon-y


Sure, renamed. I originally created some synonyms back in June, and I just based the main tag off the marketing material at the time.


Ask the question anyway using an as close to approximate tag (in this casepokemon-series would do nicely) and mention the title in the question (ie. in Pokemon Tretta _______) and/or at the end make a request for a tag (ie. request pokemon-tretta as i do not have enough rep to create it) someone with the privilege will very likely comes across the question ...


This is not a good idea. Closing a question as a duplicate is meant to be done when the questions are duplicates, not when the answers are duplicates. Among other things, this causes a problem where the close voters need to know and be sure that the answer is indeed "the servers are overloaded" and not some other possible reason for failure. We shouldn't ...


I suggest pokemon-diamond-pearl-2021


Created the following synonyms for the tag pokemon-diamond-pearl-remakes: pokemon-brillant-diamond pokemon-shining-pearl pokemon-diamond-pearl-2021 pokemon-bdsp


Late answer but most of these 'Should I evolve this Pokemon', 'Which Pokemon should I evolve' or 'Evolve vs power up' questions should be marked as a duplicate of the more general How does evolving relate to CP? and/or Does it make a difference to CP if you feed candies before or after evolving?, and indeed, a lot of them are. If you find any more, be ...


This tag should be removed. Tags are an extra catalog system to more easily find questions concerning a certain game, and to have an easy way to identify all questions for a specific game. People use tags to determine if they would be capable of answering a certain question. I am not aware of any other game-specific mechanic that we have given a tag. a tag ...


No, but only if the title requires players to be in the same physical vicinity as one another (e.g. generation IV and newer is out of the question entirely). The no is answering the question's title here. There is a very concise list of Pokémon titles that fall under my stance on the matter, and they were all released prior to generation four. These titles ...


Right, this is now done. First, the easier tag renames: pokemon-super-md → pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon pokemon-explorers → pokemon-mystery-dungeon-explorers Now, for the main series games. While renaming I went through and done a thorough review of all Pokemon Generation tags and their synonyms. Each generation has an overarching Generation tag (For ...


With Pokemon Sun/Moon's imminent release I thought it was high time someone actioned this (as well as the other synonyms proposed by that other meta), so this is now done.


Late answer, but we did end up creating a canonical question for the most common server load issues that Pokemon Go/Niantic faced: I can't play Pokemon GO! What's wrong? If you find any more, feel free to flag as a duplicate of that.

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