I think it's pretty clear from the comment votes that the only thing we all agree on is there is a problem here. In a perfect world, a new question is asked, marked as a dupe, asker either a) comments on the original answer to say it's out of date or b) complains on their dupe loudly enough that someone does it for them (if their rep is too low, for example)...


Either roll it back, or just flag it and a mod can reopen/recluse to force the new header. I've already done the latter in this case.


We're not just looking at answering the problem the user had at the time of his question, but we also want to help people with the same problem today with a more recent version. Again, we don't want to help a single person, we want to help as many people as possible.


I was browsing Arqade today and saw this question, What are the differences between the Wii and Xbox One/PS4/Switch versions of Just Dance Games?, became active today (1/31/21). The community bot will periodically bump old questions without any upvoted answers, provided the question has a positive score. I believe the exact thresholds for bumping vary from ...


Our duplicate policy shouldn't apply to outdated questions Stack Exchange works around votes and accepted answers, allowing good answers to rise to the top. This does not work as intended if answers earn votes then become incorrect. In many cases, the asker of the old question is no longer an active user. This means that even if the updated answer is ...

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