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My question is the first google result, but is so old that it contains misleading information. Should I worry?

I feel a proper course of action would be to clarify through editing that your question from 2018 is not for Age of Empires II DE. You can do something like this at the top of your post: Note: This ...
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'Too Localised' is no longer a valid close reason, can we review these two popular Diablo 3 posts that were closed as such?

Those questions should stay deleted. We keep questions for an unplayable game, on the off chance that perhaps at some point it may become playable again, and those questions might be useful. But I ...
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What's the deal with Community bumping obsolete questions? Necromancer bot?

I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page Have you considered creating a filter? To address your actual question though: Coming from other sites, like Reddit or forums, there's ...
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Dealing with old questions about non-existent features?

Like the one link in the comments states: My vote is firmly on leave these questions be. While I can understand why we may want to bring attention to these kinds of questions, I feel the impact of ...
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Should we add a historical lock to, or delete this old upvoted question?

The reason for the question off-topic is being opinion based. Per our guidelines, a question should be objective rather subjective to be on-topic. Even though is off-topic, it attracted many views, ...
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What do we do with questions about games that can no longer be played?

Addressing a specific portion of the OP's question ("Do we want to keep them around, even though they can no longer help anyone?"): One of the ways that questions from shut-down games are still ...
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What do we do with questions about games that can no longer be played?

For games that you can no longer play (ie. dead MMOs, multiplayer game where the servers went dark, or some other threshold), how do we handle the existing questions? Do we want to keep them around, ...
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