There's a proposed FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange precisely about this topic. @arghtype's answer summarizes the main differences. when should I consider using each of them? You should use the 'follow' feature when: you want to receive inbox notifications you want to keep the fact that you're following a post private you want to keep a reference to an answer,...


My fault. Isn't it always? We had a problem with badges failing to award last night, so I added some extra logging to capture more info when it stumbled. In the process I accidentally broke something such that it appeared to work, but really didn't actually do anything. Deploying the fix now. Sorry folks.


See The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network . To summarize: Followed questions/answers will generate notifications in top bar similar to answers to your questions or upvotes. Followed questions/answers are private to you. Bookmarked questions are public and anyone can check which questions you bookmarked on your profile page....


The question title is now surrounded by quotes in this notification, making the punctuation less awkward:


This entire area was overhauled as part of the Top Bar redesign, the 'See your profile' text was removed, and badge notifications now link to the 'Badges' tab on your Profile:

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