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Make the meta mothership shoot its lasers too

status-completed This was done as part of Stack Exchange's standardised site design rollout. Both main and meta-site motherships will now fire their lazors on page load, after a short delay.
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7 votes

Who is the artist behind the mothership?

It was made by Jin. He used to be a designer for Stack Exchange (in fact he was THE designer), and actually did a lot (all?) of the site designs around that time. He was a regular on Arqade as well, ...
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6 votes

"Ask Question" button in different position for meta than main site

With Stack Exchange's move to a standardized site design, this issue has been solved (albeit inadvertently). The 'Ask Question' button has been moved: and the mothership now aligns properly: Don't ...
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Where can I find the Arqade UFO animation?

The actual gif is here: Here it is uploaded to Imgur for your viewing pleasure: It only animates once. After ...
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