I know I speak for the entire mod team when I say it's been an honour serving alongside you.




Well, I can talk and thank about everything from the warning (oh I didn't forget it, heh) to the great help you provided to this community (and apologize for all the times I confused you with badp)... But instead, I'll try and get my feelings out with a meme:


Thanks for your work and support fredley. With the Arqade being (by far) the SE site I've spent the most time on, I can appreciate the effort it takes to be a moderator.


It's been an honour serving with you kind sir, and hopefully all this getting outside more will help your complexion, because blue isn't a very healthy skin colour.


I said it on Ash's post too, but to reiterate, I've always considered you as the kind of mod to aspire to: passionate, fair, knowledgeable, patient... just an all around good person. It's been a pleasure moderating with you, thanks for everything, and all the best for what the future holds!


It's been a pleasure serving with you kindest of sirs. I wish you the best in the future, and I'm certainly glad you'll still be sticking around in chat. Also, no matter how many times you change your name and avatar, you'll always be StrixVaria with a Gir avatar in my heart <3


Elections are only held if moderators either resign or disappear for 6 months. Since this has not happened on Gaming, there is no need for a new election.


You now owe the internet oracle a version of this with Ash's and your avatar (or equivalent)


Downvotes To start with, let's address probably the easier portion of your question. How other people choose to vote, and whether they divulge that info is entirely up to them. We don't require users to explain their downvotes. The tooltip when hovering over the downvote button reads "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not ...


It's been great serving with you sir, and you'll be missed. Don't be a stranger now though, because Icebourne is approaching... You'll need to play it on one of those 50 TV's you won back in the day ;)


I just sit back and let the other moderators handle everything, then I take credit for the good stuff and blame them for the bad stuff. Sometimes I randomly select a post and I delete it... I change comments to reflect my personal views, and if somebody ever comes close to finding all that out, I simply delete their accounts (we had almost twice the amount ...


The job has three major aspects: Part of the job is essentially like being a school janitor. We clean up the poop that overflows, and we have keys to (most) everything. Part of the job is essentially like being a customer service rep. People occasionally get angry about things or boss us around, even though we're mostly just high-visibility cogs in a ...


First, I think we should clear some things up: Moderators Recently an edit was proposed to one of my answers but before I got chance to review it, the edit was rejected by two moderators. Firstly, it wasn't an action taken by Moderators, just regular users with the Review Suggested Edits Privilege, or >= 2000 rep. Moderators are users with a diamond (♦) ...




Nothing glamorous really. You occasionally see a yellow number at the top of the page with the number of batsignals flags that need handling, bringing you to a list of flags that need handling. You handle the flags you can handle properly, put off fires where needed and you're mostly met the minimum bar for moderator duty. Everything else, including putting ...


All elections require a minimum of 300 reputation in order to nominate yourself when the election period is in session. Except for Stack Overflow, which is an order of magnitude higher. But we're not Stack Overflow, so it is 300 here.


Community Moderation The thing about Stack Exchange sites like Arqade is that they are mostly community-moderated. As you ask and answer questions, you accrue reputation points. At certain reputation tiers, you unlock different privileges. Some of these privilege levels remove restrictions around commenting, editing, and creating tags, and others allow you ...


This blog post from Stack Exchange's blog sums it up pretty well, but I will highlight a couple important points: " Moderators are human exception handlers, there to deal with those (hopefully rare) exceptional conditions that should not normally happen, but when they do, they can bring your entire community to a screaming halt — if you don’t have human ...


Editing and reviewing edits has been a thing for a very long time. Anyone can propose edits, and if you have over 2,000 reputation or are a moderator, your edit will be automatically applied for everyone to see. If you have under 2,000 reputation, your suggested edit will be put in a review queue for people with over 2,000 reputation to review. Note: it ...


There is no formalized appeal process; this is not a tribunal and our actions are not jury orders. 3kers can reopen what we close and viceversa. You can bring attention to the matter either via chat or meta. Any edit bumps the question to the top of the homepage. This is another way to bring attention to your question; one reopen vote brings it into the ...


Thanks for all of your hard work to the site! As with other relatively recent mod departures, it's good to see the integrity of knowing when you can't fulfill the role and stepping down. Best of luck to you!

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