To enable migration paths to other sites for 3kers, we need: a meta question about it, such as this one, and a history of manual migration from mods. Last time I spoke to Shog9 about this, he looked at the migration stats and found 3 questions we sent there in the last 90 days. He laughed and then politely declined. In this site's lifetime — or, more ...


No, for the same reasons we don't migrate to GameDev. SoftwareRecs' policy on games is extremely strict. Game questions there must solve problems- not alleviate boredom and not solve a particular individual's tastes. Almost all the game recommendations I've seen on Arqade violate those rules. The only questions that might be allowed are mod recommendations, ...


This is a bad idea, because questions asked here will very rarely be even close to matching what Software Recommendations requires from their questions. It is a much better idea to point to that site in the comments and highlight their question requirements so the person can ask a good on-topic question over there.


Like Frank pointed out - the main rule of migrations is "don't migrate crap". If a question is good enough to be migrated (and to be honest, this is a very rare occurrence), you can always custom flag it for moderators to take a look, as we have the ability to migrate questions wherever they might need to go. There's no need to set up a bunch of migration ...


Running a query against our migrated posts, here's what I came up with: We've migrated a total of 36 posts to SU over the life of our site Two have been rejected. We migrated nine last year. One of which was rejected. From that, I don't believe we have enough migration traffic to really justify a migration path. Granted, some users post their question ...


Many of Arqade's users don't know the rules and guidelines for other sites. Specifically: Superuser never answer questions about consoles or non-PC hardware/software. GameDev don't allow "how do I get started?" questions, which make up 90% of the game development questions we get here. SoftwareRecs only consider game questions on-topic in certain ...


It is by design impossible to have beta-sites on the migration options. Also I would guess that game-recommendations are not well-recieved on software-recs, since they can't really fulfil their question requirements, especially the point "Features"


Mods can migrate questions to GameDev as needed. Flag a question if you feel this is appropriate. If every question I saw comments about "belonging on gamedev" got migrated, I think they'd like us a lot less over there.

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