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Itemized lists, where multiple answers collectively form a list, are not allowed. These are usually subjective (e.g., "What is your favorite X?") or otherwise consist of elements from an unbounded list such that answers can only be distinguished from one another by personal preference (voting for the item you prefer) rather than quality or correctness. ...


I disagree in general with closing more specific questions as duplicates of a broad one if one can answer the broad one without answering the more specific question. Of course an ideal answer to the broad question would answer the specific one, but that is not always the case. More specific questions are also not really harmful, even if they lead to a small ...


No, unfortunately, there's no way to make Game Recs acceptable on Arqade and there are no other SE sites where they are allowed. We had a long discussion about this during the site's inception, which ultimately ended up with the questions being banned. You can peruse the game-recommendations tag to read Meta questions that dealt with this (the final vote ...


No, and given that the list of badges is very small, this feature is a lot of effort for very little gain. If you really want to sort/filter the badge data I suggest you copy it into a spreadsheet, or use the data api.


I believe we should edit the entire list out of this answer and just leave the first sentence. As it stands, the list is not relevant to the question. It does not answer the question, and it was not asked for in the question. It is also pretty useless as all the links are broken. The first sentence, however, does answer the question directly. While it ...

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