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The PS4 screenshots are over 2MB in size. What is the best way to upload them on Arqade?

Honestly, screenshots like that full of photorealistic 3D scenery should be JPEG, unless you absolutely need to preserve every single pixel 100% accurately. (If you do need 100% pixel accuracy in a ...
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Guidelines for screenshots in posts

I propose two guidelines. Crop out unneeded info: If you take a full screen shot of your desktop to show an error message, just crop the picture in paint or something to show the relevant error ...
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The Gfycat animated image hosting platform is shutting down

I have been reuploading some of the Gfycat GIFs to SE Imgur on SF&F, Arqade, and Anime & Manga. Here's what I found out: For those Gfycat links that are GIFs (URLs that end with .gif) and for ...
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Imgur TOS change on May 15, 2023 may result in the loss of many media files in Arqade

These are the failed reuploads at the time Glorfindel's script ran in Arqade (URLs and failure info are from the results of Glorfindel’s script). (Made Community wiki so anyone can edit.) Note that ...
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Why is this image here?

You're looking at the post history. Version 1 had the picture. Version 2 had the picture. Version 3 removed the picture.
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What is the description for in image markdown?

the description part for the image markdown is the alt attribute for the actual html. so the html that's generated for your example would be: <a href="[URL at -]"><img src="[URL at -]" alt="...
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Images for controller buttons and keyboard keys

No one asked but: Mouse Buttons: Icon (<kbd>![image]</kbd>) Image link RMB LMB MMB
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2 votes

Odd behaviour when adding Images

status-norepro It seems like this was a one-off issue with Imgur that has since been resolved.
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How can I reduce the size of my screenshots?

Instead of uploading your newly edited picture, save your copy in case you want to edit again in the future, then use something like Windows Snipping Tool to do a screen grab of what you are wanting ...
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The PS4 screenshots are over 2MB in size. What is the best way to upload them on Arqade?

I found it's easier for me to just share to some integrated social network and then insert picture using direct link from it. Previously it was possible with Facebook or Twitter, now I can only see ...
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