Yes, that is an option. Select "Edit" beside Favorite Tags, then Set Tag Preferences (or simply go to https://gaming.stackexchange.com/users/preferences/current). Go down to Ignored Tags and select the "Hide questions in your ignored tags" radio button.


There is no setting to include partial matches of ignored tags, but you can use wildcards in your favorite or ignored tags. As explained in an answer on meta SE, you can use the * character to denote zero to many matching characters. This works for both favorite tags and ignored tags. For example, ignoring *pokemon* will ignore all tags that have "pokemon" ...


With the design changes to the Favourite/Ignored tags section, this is now a lot easier. For one thing, the Ignored Tags box is now always visible (previously, it was only visible if you clicked 'edit' on the Favourite Tags widget). From the ignored tag box on the right of the page: Either click inside the tag area, or click 'edit': Then, click the 'x' on ...


status-completed This is definitely now a thing. Click on the Ignored Tags box: and you're presented with this:


status-declined* as we no longer have a spoiler tag anyway. Use Spoiler markdown to denote spoilers instead, e.g: >! spoiler text resulting in:

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