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How does my question about my arcade machine not fit in Arqade?

How does my question about my arcade machine not fit in Arqade? That's a very good question, because as far as I can tell your question is a perfect fit for Arqade. As the On Topic page of our help ...
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Where would I ask about xbox 1?

Well that depends on the question you have about your xbox 1. If you want to know how to port-forward it, or how to configure your tv to work with it, you may want to try superuser. But if you have ...
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Is it off topic to ask about building game consoles?

I don't think "building your own game console" would be on topic here. We have some repair-related questions, for example: Could I switch out the shell on my GBA SP (AGS-101) with the ...
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How do we tag multiplatform games?

As mentioned in the linked meta, I, too, support the exclusion of the console tag from questions about multi-platform games. The issue with giving console tags to questions that may have different ...
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Are questions about running non-games on gaming hardware on-topic?

I'm inclined to say that your actual question regarding Discord and the Steam Deck would be valid for our site since we already established both Steam Deck and Discord questions as being acceptable. ...
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Graphics Cards: Rendering a New Model for the Meta

I think graphics cards, and related support, should stay off-topic. Graphics cards, if anything, have become much more ubiquitious in the last few years; heck even laptops now come with integrated ...
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Do questions about the functions of a game system itself fit here or in the SuperUser stack exchange?

What topics can I ask about here? Arqade is for passionate videogamers from all platforms, including consoles, computers, handhelds, and mobile devices. If your question generally covers things ...
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