Identifies a question created for the community to share in amusement and mirth. Please read the wiki for rules and guidelines.

Meta is where the community helps to organize the site - be it discussing incidents or the future, planning out policy, requesting new features and reporting bugs, or answering questions about how things work mechanically or as a community. It's a business-oriented place but as it is a place for the community, it is permissible to on occasion have a little fun with each other. This is part of the heart of community building, it's the same kind of logic as why corporates do those weird "team building" retreat exercises.

There are, however, ground rules to community-building fun.

  • This tag must be present. It's not a mod-only tag because it's just a tag. But we use it to help identify these and it signals that this isn't entirely the normal on-topicality of the Meta and instead is more "for the community" in spirit and a different sort of letter.
  • The purpose of Meta must remain at large its purpose as a place for support and governance. Fun is acceptable but only as a now-and-then deal, if the front page is flooded with fun posts then moderators will take a scythe to them.
  • No exclusion allowed. Posting on Meta is opening this to all of the Arqade community. If someone asks to participate, it should be allowed. If you only want to tailor something to a small subculture then please use your own space to do it.
  • If we are given reason to believe that a thread was either created with malicious or trolling intent, or that the fun is derived not out of community building but community fracturing, moderators will close the post, and may take further disciplinary action as necessary. On the same vein, moderators will police comments which reason leads to believe that they are meant to incite conflict and turmoil out of genuine fun.

There may be additional rules we may have to instate based on the nature of any specific thread. We will provide those on such threads when confronted with them.