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Meme: GnomeSlice getting into trouble with Autocomplete Originator: GnomeSlice's Funky Phone Cultural Height: Whenever GnomeSlice is on the busty or has cold fjords. Cultural Height 2.0: Snacks in a place Background: Back to wang / Back to worm Jesus crusty/ Jesus cherish @orgyrambo what? When did that happen GOD DONUT For duck shake / For tuck bake / ...


I was summoned. Oh snap, I missed this post! Hello everyone! Firstly, big shout-out to the members of our great community who helped build the logo, one pixel at a time. Honestly, I'm not sure what to talk about so I'll just talk about the story. The thing that started it all was this chat message. Everything kinda just went naturally after that. We ...


Meme: Wipqozn has been removed from the list of this room's owners. Originator: LessPop_MoreFizz Cultural Height: Ongoing Background: Room owners in The Bridge derive a large amount of enjoyment from granting Wipqozn room ownership and then removing it soon after. This has recently started leaking into other chat rooms. Transcript


Meme: @OrigamiRobot (and others) accepting data Originator: @OrigamiRobot Cultural Height: To date, the most-starred data message is: GNOMESLICE WANTS TO BE A BAD GIRL: DATA ACCEPTED Background: Originally, before the first datum was accepted, commands and factoids were accepted, although since the advent of data acceptance these reponses have not been ...


Meme: "Good morning, Bridge" Originator: @Frank Cultural Height: Pretty much every morning when @Frank says "Good morning, Bridge" in chat and everybody stars it. Yes, it's really a thing Testimonials for the positive effects of "Good morning, Bridge": 1 2 3 4 5 6


Meme: kalina setting people on fire Originator: kalina Cultural Height: still kindling Related: Spreadsheet of people kalina has set fire to in the Bridge (2012, 2013, 2014)


Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. It is my philosophy that in battle, you should never play fair. Stay hidden, learn your surroundings, strike from cover, and strike hard. This philosophy kept me alive when the aliens came to my dad's old hunting cabin up in the mountains. Generic marksman/sniper who likes long range rifles. Decent at ...


disclaimer: image by @fredley


Meme: Wipqozn Cultural Height: Wipqozn realises his memetic status Background: This question, This question, This question & This question


Sign me up. Considering my reputation for being such a fantastic commander who never uses soldiers as human shields, I think it's only fair that I'm on meatshield scouting duty.


I guess I'll join in. I usually play tank roles in games with a focus on lots of strength and health. If I can somehow tie speed into the mix, I tend to do that as well. Rifles are usually my go to guns as well since they are often fairly versatile. My Characters Progress (spoilers):


Meme: Year of Wipqozn Originator: God-Emperor Dune, fredley, and Wipqozn Cultural Height: 2019 Moderator election Background: Ash, badp, StrixVaria, and Raven Dreamer all turning in their diamonds in quick succession, leaving Arqade in the hands of none other than... Wipqozn.


Meme: @OrigamiRobot is scared of sloths Originator: Pugsley Cultural Height: @Sterno's offer? Background: @Origami's statement and @Pugsley's response Assorted other examples: StrixVaria, blem, fredley, OragamiRobot, FEichinger


Even though I don't have much reputation I will play, so I want to sign up. My character is more of a melee fighter, I welled the Terra Blade and will block attacks with the Akana Sheild. I have a decent amount of health. But I some how have decent speed but lack the stealth. But I hit like a truck. I survived the aliens but taking them out slowly by ...


Me and my hug gun are ready to serve. (Big guns, wielded inexpertly but with lots of heart.)


Fox McCloud reporting in! Always ready to jump into the fray with my trustee sidearm, I'm a run and gunner. Marksmanship and handguns are my specialty, with absolutely no other skills in defense except for a spaceship. ..... ..... What? There are no spaceships?! FINE, give me another handgun. I daresay my knowledge of aliens has to be higher than the ...


My thanks to fredley for the textual additions


I'll join if you need an extra to pad out some space :) Given my handle I think I fit a "Scientist" stereotype, preferably of the "Mad" variety. I have studied the Xenomorphs extensively. I know their tech, their strategies, and most importantly, their weaknesses and how to exploit them. Stats-wise: Aliens, Psi Power, Intelligence etc. I suppose I ...


I guess I'm reluctantly in. My parole officer claims that if I survive, I will be allowed to return home. Can I just say I never intended to start that wildfire? You know how it goes, you step outside of the tent for a smoke break, you don't put out the cigarette properly and before you know it, 30 acres of Savannah ground go up in smoke. In theory the state ...

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