My rocket made of salvage, taking off after restoring the landscape in terra-nil Terra Nil is a relaxing city-builder-esque game about ecosystem reconstruction. You turn desolate, toxic wastelands into thriving, living ecosystems, then - once the ecosystem can get by on it's own - salvage all your buildings to leave the area pristine. It's a free pay as ...


A view of San Francisco Bay from a tiny, rocky island. watch-dogs-2 Photo taken with the in-game camera. There’s nothing on this island but a tree and some shrubs, but I liked the framing the tree provided. In the distance you can see Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.


One of my more aesthetically pleasing cities in islanders.


Encountering a Sand Worm on Arrakis osiris-new-dawn


The luckiest drop I've ever gotten in oldschool-runescape - a 3 Kill count (KC) Corporeal Beast pet drop. This is a 1 in 5000 drop chance. If you don't know the game/boss, this particular drop is a really slow one to grind, because the Corporeal Beast is a slow boss to kill. To get this at such an early KC is quite the accomplishment. As of February 2020, ...


Getting directions in the-stanley-parable


The thumbnail of my most recent stream highlight video: Oh no, I've made a horrible mistake… (Warning: Swearing in that video.) minecraft-java-edition


crusader-kings-3 points at the screen That's the Crusader King (this game has been wild, I started in the Iberian Peninsula, became the primary beneficiary of a crusade for Jerusalem, then again for a crusade for Syria, and now again a crusade for Galicia, the game giving me the option to swap to my dynasty's new king of those regions each time)


Game ads: Tactical Espionage Action Actual game: metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain

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