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status-completed With the recent updates to the election system, election comments now share the same functionality with their main site counterparts: Ability to flag nominations and comments ...We also added standard commenting functionality to the Elections page. You can now upvote comments, flag comments and link directly to comments.


There is a high-rep user who is very active on the site, but frequently uses strong language which violates the Code of Conduct in their comments. When you warned them, they replied stating that the questions are of low quality which is why they left those comments. They also threatened to quit the site. Despite the warning, they continue to post similar ...


Moderators are not selected because they are domain experts in certain tags, but it so happens that you are an expert in one such tag. You see that several members of the community have elected to close a question as a duplicate, but you see that the duplicates don't actually answer the question as stated, nor do they provide a useful signpost for the asker. ...


Which moderation tool do you use most often during your average day on Arqade? Which do you use least often? Do you see that changing in case you get elected?


You (a moderator) and another community member both answer a question on the main site. The other answer is well written but (objectively) incorrect, and has gathered a similar amount of upvotes to yours. What do you do?


A fellow moderator takes an action the community disagrees with, and the community takes it to meta. You also disagree with the moderators decision. What do you do? Relatedly, what would you do if you were the moderator who took action the community disagreed with in the above situation?

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