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I have removed the bounty and rolled back the edit. In the future, if this comes up again, feel free to raise a custom moderator flag, since moderators have the ability to remove a bounty, refunding the reputation spent.


This question is based on a slight misunderstanding. It's true that posts are a collaborative effort, but that doesn't mean post authorship is completely nonexistant. Just a look at the voting and badges system should tell you that Stack Exchange values the connection between posts and their authors, and that leaving a post's content to its author is ...


This does not apply to third party comments. Otherwise that would be kind of a loophole. Think about it, you can't make drastic changes to other people's posts but if you comment it then you're allowed to edit it in because it was found in a comment. Obviously that's pretty stupid at its arbitrary level. This edit is debatable because it is riding the line ...

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